Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayers for the Congregation 2010

At the annual meeting on January 24th, members of the Community Presbyterian community expressed the following prayers for the Congregation. Have your own? Share it in the comments.
  • May we grow and do more deeds of service
  • To continue to grow and to be as productive as we were this past year.
  • Continued solvency, continued mission outreach, continued blessing for us all
  • That we continue to increase the size of our congregation so that in turn our mission work will increase as well.
  • Pray for peace on earth
  • That the church will have a positive effect on the world, Long Island and Malverne
  • Continued solvency for our church and continued welcoming into our presence people from the community to join us. Give us the strength to carry on His work. (We are few but we need to be strong.)
  • Help us welcome
  • Help us stay financially afloat
  • Help us increase membership.
  • Continued growth in spiritual and physical areas
  • That we continue to grow, that we are able to discern God’s mission for our church and to carry it out.
  • We remain welcoming and generosity
  • We widen our circle of faith
  • We bring more families back
  • For everyone to stay safe and healthy for 2010. A good year
  • To continue our mission work and to keep thinking of ways to invite our community into our church
  • That giving continues
  • Outreach is successful
  • More young people come out to church and know our Saviour

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