Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How'd you spend $85,000?

In my sermon Sunday, I suggested that if everyone in the congregation committed just 5% of their income to the ministry and work of Jesus Christ through Community Presbyterian Church, we would have a surplus of $85,000. I then challenged you to brainstorm on how you might spend it. Here is what you came up with in worship. Have any more ideas? Add a comment by clicking on the comments link below.

Suggestions on how to spend $85,000

Finance handicapped access (4 people)
Build a youth and/or community center (3 people)
Improve energy efficiency (2 people)
Find the bell
Provide hot lunches
Sponsor a speaker series
Buy more handbells
Start a nursery school
Support Meals on Wheels
Parish nurse
Expand giving to Presbytery & LICC
Downstairs piano
New kitchen
Seat cushions
Support Menaul School

In preparing my sermon, I came up with a whole list of possibilities. Play the movie below to view what I came up with.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Harvest Market and Dinner

A rare and exceptional thing

Last Sunday, Community Presbyterian paused toward the end of the service to remember long time member Bill Vath. There are many times when as a church we do not live up to our calling to live out the kingdom of God with each other and to illustrate Christ's kingdom to the world. Last Sunday the forgiveness, compassion and blessings of Christ's kingdom were fully visible.

The web is too public a place to go into why this was the case, and those who know, know. But as Pastor I am incredibly proud of Community Presbyterian for the love, caregiving and reconciliation that was shown. We lived out what we preach, and that, even in the church, is a rare and exceptional thing.