Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food Drive 2012!

This year’s food drive week is June 10-16. On Sunday the 10th, leaflets will be distributed at church and we will divvy up the neighborhood. We have 2000 door hangers and we mean to hang each and every one of them! Then, on the 16th, we will collect the food from our neighbors and bring it to the church’s front yard. Be sure to sign up for a shift in front of the church on Saturday from 10-3! Don't live near Malverne? Join us by making a donation to your local food pantry or soup kitchen.

Long Island suffers from hunger along with the rest of the nation. In one survey done by Feeding America, it was found that of Long Island households utilizing food pantries:
-         47% had to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities
-         49% had to choose between food and rent or mortgage
-         36% had to choose between food and medicine or medical care
-         44% had to choose between food and transportation
-         34% had to choose between food and gasoline
-         39% are under the age of 18
-         4% are elderly
-         30% include someone with poor health
-         6% of “households” are homeless

Unfortunately, donations to food pantries usually drop off during the summer and schools no longer offer free or reduced cost lunch to students. Families suffer during this season which is why we hold our annual food drive in June. What can you do to help? Bring some of the items below to the church on Saturday, June 16 between 10 and 3. We’ll be donating the food to the Long Island Council of Churches’ Food Pantry.

Here is what the Food Pantry needs most to meet this increased need:
  • Canned vegetables (low salt)
  • Soup (low salt/low fat)
  • Canned fruit, 100% Fruit Juice (not fruit drink)
  • Pasta, rice, canned beans
  • Complete pancake mix
  • Oatmeal, grits, dry cereal (non/low sugar)
  • Canned tuna, chicken, salmon (in water)
  • Canned stew
  • Nuts (low salt), peanut butter, jelly
  • Dry milk, Parmalat
  • Shampoo, soap, toiletries
  • Clean, gently-used clothing
  • Diapers (all sizes), Enfamil formula, baby cereal, baby wipes and powder
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