Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Come and See

On Sunday, August 12, 2007 the Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne was fortunate to have Rev. Victoria Affram-Boyd lead our worship. She issued an invitation to “Come and See” her home church in Peki, Ghana just as Jesus invited Peter and the other disciples to “come and follow me.” Sometimes it is necessary for us to step out of our comfort zone and take a chance as they did.

Peki is part of a vibrant Christian community in Ghana, and Rev. Affram-Boyd’s home church, the Peki Methodist Church, is in the midst of a building campaign to replace a church and school built in 1893 by Rev. Affram-Boyd’s grandfather. The congregation needs our help in three ways. First, we can support their efforts through our prayers, asking God to help them see their project through. Secondly, we can lend financial support. They need $130,000 to complete their building. Thirdly, we can go to Peki and witness their efforts. In August of 2008, Rev. Affram-Boyd is leading an educational trip to Ghana and especially Peki. If you are interested, let Pastor Fritz know.

Rev. Affram-Boyd’s passion is “to unite God’s people by bringing them to share the love of Christ across cultures.” To this end, she hopes to build sustainable partnerships between churches in the United States and the church in Ghana. It is more than the completion of a building. It is an opportunity to connect with a Christian community.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ghana Calling

I just spent an amazing three hours with Rev. Victoria Affram-Boyd, our guest pastor for August 12th. If you want to believe in miracles again, if you want to be refreshed by the power of God, if you want to know without a doubt that God is still at work in our community and our world, forget about the beach, forget about sleeping in and be at church August 12.

Rev. Affram-Boyd was born and raised in the Peki Mothodist Church in Peki, Ghana. The congregation founded by her grandfather, who attended a Methodist gathering and was converted. Rev. Affram-Boyd immgrated to the United States in 1971 and worked for many years as a nurse at North Shore hospital. At age 50, God called her into ministry. She attended Drew University Seminary and was ordained, serving the Methodist Church in Amnityville until sickness forced her to step down.

In the midst of all her health problems, she heard God calling her to return to Peki. In late February, against the adivce of almost everyone concerned for her health she returned. That experience has launched a ministry of partnership between congregations on Long Island and churches in Ghana. Since her visit, most of her health problems have ceased.

Rev. Affram-Boyd will be visiting Community Presbyterian with James Winans, who accompanied her to Ghana, and a close friend from Peki who is visiting. A special discussion time will follow the worship and an offering will be taken in support of her ministry.

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