Friday, March 11, 2011

Lenten Challenge: Read through the Psalms

“Just open the Psalms, to any page, and begin reading. Sooner or later you will find something that speaks to your situation, that seems to be speaking directly to you.”
- Kathleen Norris

A possible schedule for reading the entire book of Psalms during Lent:

Week 1: Psalm 1-25
Week 2: Psalm 26-50
Week 3: Psalm 51-75
Week 4: Psalm 76-100
Week 5: Psalm 101-122
Week 6: Psalm 123-150

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - March 8 @ 6:00

Lent 2011 Series

This lent we will be focusing on prayer. Here is a tentative schedule of topics.

Lent 1 - March 13: Introduction, Lord's Prayer, Service of Healing Prayer
Lent 2 - March 20: Prayer in community. Special guest: Jason Storbakken, founder of Radical Living, an intentional Christian community in Brooklyn.
Lent 3 - March 27: Prayer through movement. Special guest: Roslyn Coors. Labyrinth walk after church.
Lent 4 - April 3: Table Prayer - the spirituality of food and family
Lent 5 - April 10: Prayer in the ordinary and mundane
Palm Sunday - March 17: Prayer in the Valley - a focus on Jesus' prayer life in the week before the cross.

In pastor's coffee house we will be focused on the Psalms.

Bowery Mission Trip - Nassau Joint Youth

Youth and adults from Malverne joined with five other churches in a mission trip to The Bowery Mission in New York City on February 24. Some of the kids helped cook lunch and sort through that day's food offerings. Others took sandwiches out to a local park and invited people into The Bowery Mission for lunch. A third group planned and led The Mission's noon chapel service. Then we went bowling at 300 Lanes in Chelsea Piers.

View a slide show:

View a video of the opening of the worship service. Warning: horrible singing from the one holding the camera.

Nassau Joint Youth Bowery Mission Worship from Fritz Nelson on Vimeo.

Souper Bowl Food Drive Contest

Over the four Sundays in February, the congregation of CPC Malverne, CPC Merrick and Middle Island Presbyterian Church challenged each other to collect the most food for the Long Island Council of Churches food pantries in Freeport and Riverhead.

Merrick, the smallest of the churches, won, collecting 553 food items, or a wopping 8 food items per church member! Languishing in last place, they took the lead by collecting 281 cans on the last Sunday of the month.

Middle Island, the largest of the churches, took second place, collecting 724 food items, or 7.1 food items per church member. In second place going into the final Sunday, they maintained their position by collecting 265 food items on the last Sunday of the month.

Malverne, who was leading going into the final Sunday, collected only 41 food items going into the final Sunday of the month, ending with a total of 479 food items, or 5.71 food items per church member.

Combined, the congregations collected over 1,750 food items for the Freeport and Riverhead food pantries!