Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Congregational God Sightings for 2009

At the annual meeting on January 24th, members of the Community Presbyterian community expressed the following God sightings from the last year of their life together. Have your own? Share it in the comments.

  • The quilt was appreciated and great friendship and cooperation developed in its making.
  • Our many accomplishments as a small congregation – Outreach, fellowship etc.
  • Our ability to meet our budget.
  • Involvement of some folks not ordinarily active.
  • The many happy faces of the seniors who came together at the first “social” at the village hall.
  • We are still here when some thought we would go under
  • Prayer meetings for Stan
  • Love and support of the church family through difficult times.
  • Our church continues to welcome all people who wish to join us. We continue to welcome those of the different background, faith and race. Our good pantry work and our mission working in this country and abroad.
  • Accepted into colleges,
  • Pinebrook Clean up;
  • Baby Eric Thomas Nelson and Elisabeth back in church
  • We did not close this year in the red, we are financially okay.
  • A thriving thrift shop
  • Our church is not static – with Fritz and the Elders’ leadership, CPC seems to constantly renew and revitalize itself. It is really amazing how mission has become the focus and purpose of our activities and prayers
  • Our church fellowship and continue to prosper in many ways. And my life with my mom… blessings from above.
  • The SWAP – generosity abounds on all sides
  • Stan’s memorial service
  • Thanks for being alive to experience all the beauty of the world and the wonderful people I know
  • Our ability as a small congregation to make substantial differences for people in need
  • All the accomplishments and goals that were made
  • Health for many in Haiti
  • That we respond to the disaster in Haiti and the needs of the neglected of the world empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • Service and the great time we had at the Craft Fair
  • Caroling for the shut-ins this past Christmas of the joy and healing brought to them
  • Our prayerful vigil for Stan
  • Craft Fair
  • Choir
  • Birth of Eric Thomas Nelson
  • Bringing our daughter through a difficult pregnancy

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Elinor said...

What a great and positive list this is!