Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Parade

Many thanks to everyone who put on their new t-shirts and came out for the Malverne Memorial Day parade. Gail Wakefield personally thanked me that the church was marching. It was fun, but even Jasper was a bit tired by the end. Here are some pictures from Linda. For more of Linda's parade picts (mostly featuring James) go to her page on Snapfish.

The ladies ride in style

Kate checks out James' ride

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Banner Making!

We had a great morning on Saturday, May 10th at the Parish Resource Center working together to make a 75th Anniversary Banner to carry in the Memorial Day Parade.

Many thanks to Glory Polinsky and Mary Hallam for all the planning and Kate Polinsky, Dan Polisnky, Allyce Yang, Michael Yang, Laura Eisenlau, Karen Record, Don Neugebauer and Pastor Fritz for helping out. A huge thanks to Carla at the Parish Resource Center for all her assistance. Here are some pictures.

Cutting LettersCutting out Letters

Laying it outPiecing it together


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mayor Issues Citation for 75th Anniversary

At the May 7th Malverne Village Board Meeting, Mayor Patricia McDonald presented Community Presbyterian Church with a citation in honor of our ongoing ministry in the community. Dee Ramp, Pastor Fritz and Don Neugebauer (who got blocked in this photo by John Smart, who was taking his own photo) accepted the citation on behalf of the church. Many thanks to Tony Sussman for arranging the citation and to Mayor McDonald. The full text of the citation is below:

WHEREAS in 1914, George E. Cornwell donated land on Nottingham Road and together the Cornwell and Rasweiler families built the first religious institution in our community, this non-denominational house of worship was named The First Church of Malverne. On April 25, 1933, the congregations of The First Church of Malverne and The Stuart Avenue Presbyterian Church of Malverne merged and The Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne was established under the religious leadership of Reverend Andrew Van Antwerpen; and

WHEREAS for the past 75 years, The Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne, its leaders and members spearheaded numerous programs and activities to benefit the community. In the early 1930's, the congregation realized the need for a meeting place where commmunity wide events and activities could be held. The Community Hall next to the Church was built specifically so that all residents of our village could gather as a community for plays, dinners and other activities. Religious leaders from Community Presbyterian Church were among the first to participate in the Thanksgiving Eve Ecumenical Service; and the first environmental and recycling group in our village was established by members of the congregation; and

WHEREAS today, The Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne continues to extend beyond its parishioners with outreach programs, providing support and help to improve the quality of life to varied groups and organizations. In partnership with the Long Island Council of Churches Pantry, the Commmunity Presbyterian Church is active in food drives; Community Counseling with low cost or free counseling and opening their doors to numerous local organizations.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, that the Board of Trustees being cognizant of the significant role played by the religious institutions within our community, does hereby wish to publicly acknowledge and express its esteem for many years of achievement and its continued message of peace, and

BE IT FURTHER KNOWN, that I, Patricia Ann McDonald, Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Malverne and all the residents of our community hereby express our heartfelt congratulations on this the 75th Anniversary, Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne.

Signed: Patricia Norris McDonald, Mayor

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now about that Tax Refund

Within the next few weeks many of us are going to get a special economic stimulus payment zapped into our bank accounts. As we focus on stewardship this year, some thoughts on what to do with this "bonus."

1. Tithe - We're called to give 10% off the top of all income to the work of God. That can be the church, a favorite charity, a mission project but at least 10% should go beyond you and your household to make a difference in the world.

2. Be a rebel - pay off debts - Every retailer out there is going to be clamboring for your refund. Many are offering special gift cards that give you money if you deposite your entire tax refund with them. Instead, use this money to get out of any financial holes you may be in. Make an extra house payment or car payment. Knock out some credit card debt.

3. Strengthen relationships - Difficult economic times can be trying on our marriages and our families. Use the stimulus payment to spend some extra time with a loved one, have a fun day with the entire family, or take a trip to visit with an old friend.

4. Give it all away - This economic downturn has hit many charities, especially ones funded largely by private donations, very hard at the same time that demand for services are increasing. As salaries and benefits are the largest expense of most charities, a generous donation of your stimulus payment could help somebody keep their job helping somebody else.