Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Its Food Drive Time

On June 2 CPC kicked off its annual Community Wide Food Drive and we'll be collecting on Saturday, June 8th.  If you got a notice on your door, just leave a bag of food on your steps and we'll pick it up.  If you didn't, bring food by the church between 9 and 3 on Saturday.  All donated food will go to the Long Island Council of Churches Feeding Center in Freeport.  Every month as many as 1,300 families depend on the Freeport Feeding Center to keep healthy food on their table.

Here's an example: One familiy - a husband and wife and three kids.  The parents are in their early 40's.  The kids range in age from eight to twelve.  The wife lost her job.  The husband is a school janitor and receives no pay over the summer.  The family is not eligible for food stamps because their annual income is just over the $35,000 threshold.  Even if they were, they would receive less than $800/month - not nearly enough to feed their entire household. 

All types of non-perishable food are welcome.  Especially welcome are basics such as pasta, sauce, rice, beans, tuna, peanut butter, etc.  Low sodium food are also helpful, as are foods appropriate for Hispanic or Caribbean diets.

Community Presbyterian will also accept money to give to the food pantry or you can give directly at www.liccdonate.org.

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