Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spiritual Practice 1 - Breath Prayer

During Lent 2013 we're going to be focusing on simple spiritual practices that have the potential to transform our lives and our relationship with God.  Each week we'll be introducing a simple spiritual practice in worship and posting it to the blog.

Breath Prayer
Prayer is the most basic of spiritual practices and breath prayer is one of the oldest tools for prayer.  Breath prayers can be powerful centering devices as well as a way to feel the calming reassurance of God in difficult and stressful situations.

The prayer is very simple.  Slow down your breathing.  As you breathe in, say to yourself a name of God.  As you breathe out, say to your self a need or request you want God to address.  The graphic below has some ancient breath prayers, but you are free to identify your own names for God and add your own requests.

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