Thursday, February 2, 2012

Annual Meeting Sunday

CPC had its 98th annual meeting on Sunday and we shared reports, reviewed the church finances, elected officers and lifted up congregational priorities. We also collected congregational God sightings from 2011 and prayers for 2012. Those will be posted as soon as we get them typed up.

Got your own God sightings from 2011 and prayers for 2012? Leave them in the comments.

Need a copy of the Annual Report? Contact the church office.

Our congregational priorities for 2012 are:
- Increase number of congregation & community dinners
- Better care of our oldest members
- Continued focus on meeting the financial needs of the congregation.

Read Pastor Fritz's State of the Church address laying out the above priorities.

Congratulations and thank you to our new class of elders:
- Lorne Birch
- June Englese
- Shel Basch

And to our new class of Deacons:
- Dorothy Grace
- Lori Basch
- Shirley Yang
- Kayla Hospodka

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