Friday, November 25, 2011

We Give Thanks

Last Sunday at CPC we renewed our Thanksgiving Banner, pinning leaves with our own prayers of Thanksgiving up on the large cloth banner reading "Thank you."

Here are some of the prayers of thanks that were offered. Add your own Prayer of Thanksgiving to the comments, or add it to the banner in church next time you are there.
  • Family and church
  • My family
  • Guiding and protecting us through a difficult year
  • A new addition to the family
  • A loving, wonderful wife
  • Every breath I take
  • Family, good friends, good health
  • Life, family, church
  • Food, water, shelter
  • Good health & Pastor Fritz's leadership
  • For God keeping us strong in tough times and blessing us in good times
  • Shepherds who take care of the sheep
  • Love of children
  • Wife, family & friends - for health & peace in their lives
  • A loving family who is there when I need them
  • Love, family, health
  • The opportunities I have been luckily enough to be given
  • Strength and good health to continue caring for my mother-in-law
  • Mommy, Papa, Daddy
  • That God puts up with me
  • Family, friendship, patience, health, happiness
  • My little boys & family
  • The warm friendship found at CPC
  • Amazing family & friends
  • Wonderful family
  • Health & family
  • Church & family
  • Wife, daughter, future son-in-law & church
  • Wife who picks me up from the train station at 11:30 pm
  • Healthy family

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