Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God Sightings and Prayer Concerns

Every year at the Annual Meeting, the CPC community submits both God sightings from Church activities in the previous year and prayers for the year to come. Here's a sampling. For a complete list, drop us an email. Have your own God sighting or prayer concern, leave a comment.

Select God Sightings:
Select Prayers for the Congregation
  • Our various mission projects will be successful and fill us with purpose and motivation
  • Increase membership
  • The continued strength, health and energy of congregational leadership
  • Enlightened stewardship giving
  • Commitment and concern for our members and others
  • That we can continue to move beyond the way we have always done things to being open to new ideas in how to spread our light in doing God’s ministry
  • That the Holy Spirit will inspire and guide us

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