Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How'd you spend $85,000?

In my sermon Sunday, I suggested that if everyone in the congregation committed just 5% of their income to the ministry and work of Jesus Christ through Community Presbyterian Church, we would have a surplus of $85,000. I then challenged you to brainstorm on how you might spend it. Here is what you came up with in worship. Have any more ideas? Add a comment by clicking on the comments link below.

Suggestions on how to spend $85,000

Finance handicapped access (4 people)
Build a youth and/or community center (3 people)
Improve energy efficiency (2 people)
Find the bell
Provide hot lunches
Sponsor a speaker series
Buy more handbells
Start a nursery school
Support Meals on Wheels
Parish nurse
Expand giving to Presbytery & LICC
Downstairs piano
New kitchen
Seat cushions
Support Menaul School

In preparing my sermon, I came up with a whole list of possibilities. Play the movie below to view what I came up with.

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