Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Giving

This year for the first time, Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne adopted three families in need for Christmas. Some went shopping for Christmas presents. Some donated complete Christmas dinners. The deacons provided grocery store gift cards. The best kind of shopping is shopping for those who really need the things we're buying. Who need the joy of a festively wrapped Christmas present and the sustenance of a good meal--both physical and spiritual.

We were also reminded that, there but for the grace of God, go we. One event--the loss of a job, a home foreclosure, a medical emergency--could put us in these same circumstances.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, pray for the three families we adopted as part of our church family. And remember, it can be hard to see those who are struggling, even when they live right next door.

Take a gander at these pictures:

Many thanks to Mary for her hard work connecting with the families for sizes and details and organizing this mountain of presents!!

Pastor Fritz, the Yangs, and the Moons dropped off presents for these kids and their mom.

This family has promised to light their candle during our Christmas Eve service, to pray for us as we are praying for them. Hallams, Engleses, and Beatrix played Santa.

The Birchs and Pages dropped off gifts for the third family. The smiles on everyone's faces tell you how meaningful this project was for everyone--the givers and the receivers.

One of the mothers we delivered to said that she hopes that next year, she'll be the one delivering presents to another family in need. We hope so too!!

This is what Christmas is all about. As Rob said, it's Jesus' birthday, and this is how we give him a birthday present.

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